Local Gutter Installation Company In Wilmington Supports Community

Wilmington Gutter Pro’s is a company that provides seamless gutter installation in and around the Cape Fear area. They have supported the community by providing services on homes in need of repair. These are homes that investors are coming in and restoring to revitalize the community. The company has provided the information below about how gutters are installed and why they are needed.

Rain Gutter Purpose

You may be asking yourself why do I need gutters and what do they actually do. The main function of a gutter system is to divert the water that falls on the roof away from the structures foundation. This keeps the foundation from being damage by water and can avoid costly foundation repairs. Gutters can also act as trim to the home by choosing a color that compliments the other colors used on the house.

Gutter Fabrication and Installation

An advantage to using seamless gutters is they are custom built to your home. All of the gutter material starts as a flat sheet of metal rolled into a coil. From there, depending on the style you desire, the flat metal is sent through a forming machine that forms the material into the desired shape and size. The most common shapes and sizes are K-style and half round in either 5 or 6 inch sizes. Your gutter installation expert will let you know what size you need to handle the amount of water that will be collected by your roof during a storm.

After the size and shape is settled on the installation team gets to work attaching the gutters to your house. This attachment process involves screwing hangers into the house through the gutter. This will give a secure fit that will last decades. Downspouts are strategically placed to ensure no single section of gutter will have excessive water in it during a storm.

Gutter Cleaning

You can have the best looking gutter system in the world installed on your home but if it is clogged you might as well not have it at all. Once a gutter system is clogged it ceases to provide its main function, which is diverting water away from the structure. You will know your system is clogged when you see water running over the edge of the gutter rather than coming out of the downspout. If this is not fixed, soon you will have damage to the gutters from all the weigh they are constantly carrying. There is also potential of damage to the inside of you house if water begins to overflow into the walls. This can create mold and mildew. Both are things you want to avoid. Cleaning your gutters will keep all of this from becoming bigger issues.

We hope that the article provided helps you to better understand what gutters are and how they work. Also that you will be able to use these tips and tricks to help revitalize your home and thus your community as well.

Wilmington Concrete Contractor Supports Community

Another one of our partners are the owners of the Wilmington Concrete Contractors. They provide multiple types of concrete installation work in and around the Wilmington, NC area. They have even been called the best concrete company in the area by those who have used their services. The owners take pride in providing top level service and quality to all of their clients and have been helping fix and revitalize structures throughout the Wilmington area to bring value back into communities.

Driveway Resurfacing

One way Wilmington Concrete Contractors helps to bring value back to properties is through the ability to resurface existing concrete. Over time cracks develop and even the top layer of concrete can begin to flake off of some areas on the pad. When this happens most contractors will say the only way that it can be fixed is to remove the entire slab and pour a new one. While we do not disagree that this will fix the problem it is not the only solution available. As long as the base is in good condition, we will come out and pour a thin layer of concrete over the existing slab. This will remedy the cracks save you thousands of dollars in labor and material. 

Concrete Slabs

Along with resurfacing we also pour multiple shapes and sizes of concrete slabs. These include driveways, patios, sidewalks, and many other forms. There are few things that look better in front of a house than a clean concrete driveway. It can provide decades of low maintenance service and also handle heavy loads. The standard thickness for slabs is 4 inches but if you are needing to support more weight we can make the thickness any size you need. When compared to other alternative products a concrete slab is a great way to improve the curb appeal of the community.

Stamped Concrete

Another service that Wilmington Concrete Contractors offers is the ability to stamp and dye the concrete. This can give the same look and appearance as pavers or stone while having the low maintenance and cost of concrete. While the process is not as simple as pouring a slab it is much less involved as putting down pavers. Also since it will be a single piece of material you will not have to worry about weeds and grass growing in between individual pavers. 

Storage Building Slab

Another great way to keep the community looking great is through having the yards neat and clean. When you are able to build a storage building this gives a place to keep all of the toys and tools that sometimes get left laying around the yard. One option is to go and buy a building off a lot that is already built but you may find that it does not fit what you are needing. This is where we come in and can pour a custom slab to build on so that you have all of the space needed to keep everything looking neat and clean. 

Here at Community Solutions Initiative we appreciate working with partners such as Wilmington Concrete Contractors and hope the article they provided above gives you an idea about how concrete can benefit your community as well!



Cash House Buyer in Wilmington, NC Supports Community

One way partners with the community solutions initiative are able to fund our objectives is through investments in the community. A partner in Wilmington North Carolina is a real estate investor who helps individuals get out of though situation through cash sales. They invest in properties that most real estate buyers steer clear of and invest time and money into the community to bring these properties back to a desirable state. Read below about the different ways they have helped the community.

Vacant Properties

Are you tired of driving past the same run down house every day? Houses that seem uninhabitable but you always see people going in and out at all times of the day. Cash House Buyers of Wilmington take these properties and rebuild them from the ground up. Once nice things are in the neighborhood some of the less desirable activities begin to decrease and bring up the value of all the other homes in the area.

Pending Foreclosure

The foreclosure process is a long drawn out legal process and many times a house may sit vacant while waiting on a decision to be made. During this time the property deteriorates and brings down values of the other homes around it. Our buyers go in and help residents that can’t make their payments by giving them a cash offer that pays off the mortgage so they can move on. This avoids the property and the owners credit from deteriorating.

Inherited Properties

Did a loved one leave you a property that you really didn’t want when they passed? If so it may end up costing more to renovate and list for sale than you have saved up or that you would make during the sale. This is just once situation that we buy houses in, and have been able to help many property owners that may not live in the Wilmington area. Our goal is to purchase the home for a fair cash offer and then fix and sell the property as quickly as possible. This ensures that the house does not sit vacant thus lowering the property value.

Poor Tenants

We have helped landlords that don’t know what the next step is in getting rid of tenants who have destroyed the property and also quit paying rent. If you have not navigated the eviction process it can be very daunting. While it is not an enjoyable process it is one that we have been through many times and thus can get the results as efficiently as possible. Typically if a tenant does not have enough respect to pay rent they also do not respect the community they are a part of. By removing these tenants the entire community benefits. We come in and purchase the property so that you can move on the the next investment.

These are just a few of the ways that Cash House Buyers of Wilmington have helped to improve the community around them. We appreciate all they do help help provide solutions in all the surrounding communities of Wilmington.